There's life in Deadwood after all, it turns out. After all sides had indicated that the critically acclaimed HBO series would not be returning after this season concludes, HBO, in an unusual Sunday announcement, said that it has decided to produce two two-hour specials that will "bring closure" to the series for its fans. It had been announced last month that HBO would not renew the contracts with the cast of the show and that the sets were being torn down. (The DarkHorizons website said today (Monday) that members of the crew of the show had already taken jobs elsewhere and those working on tearing down the sets had been issued a "halt" order on Sunday.) Daily Variety quoted an HBO representatives as saying that the network was confident about reaching deals with the show's performers for the specials, even though, as previously noted, creator-producer David Milch had assembled one of the largest regular casts for the drama in TV history.