Haylie Duff wants to get married once the ''craziness'' of being a mother of two has died down.

The 33-year-old singer and actress has been dating her fiancé Matt Rosenberg for five years and the pair got engaged in 2012, before Haylie pushed back her wedding two years later when she fell pregnant with their daughter Ryan, now two.

Haylie and Matt are still yet to tie the knot, and now that the star is pregnant once again, she admits the plans have been put on hold for a while longer, as she wants to be settled into life as a mother of two before she takes the next step in her relationship.

She said: ''We talk about it and think, 'Maybe now we're ready to do it' and then life happens and toddler happens. ''We feel married already and it hasn't become something that both of us are gung-ho about. Maybe after the craziness of a new baby dies down we'll be ready to talk about it again.''

In the meantime, Haylie is busy planning another important event in the form of Ryan's third birthday party.

Speaking about the bash - which will take place in May - the 'Material Girls' actress told People magazine: ''I'm gonna be so pregnant for that it's gonna be a lot for everyone to handle. I'm really excited for her birthday, [and] I'm really excited for baby two to get here.''

The couple recently confirmed their second child will be another baby girl, and a source claimed Ryan was ''thrilled'' to become a big sister.

The insider said: ''Ryan is thrilled! She really wanted a baby sister. The whole family is so excited for the new baby to arrive.''

Meanwhile, Haylie previously insisted she doesn't miss the life she had before she became a mother.

She shared: ''There was part of me, even when I was pregnant, that was like, 'Gosh it would be nice to go to Vegas for the weekend,' or kind of do the things I normally did before I came a mother. I think that's probably the biggest surprise is I feel such fulfilment with my family and with my child, I don't miss that 'old life' stuff.''