Haylie Duff's feud with Paris Hilton over the rights to a pop song has prompted the beauty to back out of plans to become a singer.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star Duff, older sister of teen singer and actress HILARY, was locked in a bitter battle with the hotel heiress over the track SCREWED, which they both recorded for their debut albums but never released.

And now 20-year-old Duff has taken her woes as a sign that her music career was never meant to be.

She says, "I'd really like to (get back into singing). I just haven't been focused on it. The first time when I was working on an album, I had all these problems with songs.

"I just don't like having a lot of drama in my life, and when it started happening, I was like, 'Maybe this is a sign that it's not the right time to do it.' It will come back when it's supposed to."