Paramore are ''looking for what's supposed to come'' after their last album.

The rock duo - now comprised of lead singer Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York - released their self-titled fourth studio album in 2013, and have now taken to Instagram to explain that writing the follow-up has not been ''an easy task'' and the 'Misery Business' hitmakers needed to take ''a rest'' before continuing with their work.

Posting a picture on the photo-sharing website of the two musicians in the studio, 28-year-old Hayley wrote: ''about a year ago, we began writing & demoing songs for #5 / / / following up our self-titled album didn't seem like it was going to be an easy task and, unsurprisingly, it was not. the problem about comparing yourself to... yourself... is that even though it's better than looking elsewhere, you're still looking in the wrong direction. for me, it wasn't until i trusted that the past is finished with me that i could go looking for what's next. our pasts can be a great comforter, or a horror movie; a noose, or a shield... but it is ''past'' for a reason. after a rest, we have to go looking for what's supposed to come after that. - h (sic)''

The struggle for the 'Still Into You' rockers comes after their bassist Jeremy Davis quit the band in 2015, following the departure of brothers Zac and Josh Farro in 2010.

Zac, 26, sparked rumours in 2016 that he would be re-joining the 'Ain't It Fun' musicians after he was spotted behind a drum kit in a photograph posted on the band's Twitter, but later clarified whilst he would be working on the drums for the recording of the album, he would not be returning as a full time member.

As of yet, it is unknown when Paramore's fifth studio venture is to be expected.