The Paramore frontwoman is famous for her vibrant orange locks but over the years she has also tried out vivid reds and blues, and would encourage everyone to experiment with a new colour at some point in their life.

"It's amazing what dyeing someone's hair will do for their day, let alone their identity, be it who they are or who they present to the world," she told PopSugar. "I became passionate about that side of it."

Hayley has joined forces with her colourist Brian O'Connor to create a vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly colour line, title Good Dye Young, and she reveals the years she spent trying to find the right dye inspired them to design their own.

The range launches in June (15) and includes five shades, as well as mixing potion Fader, which allows the buyer to customise their own pastel shade, a bleaching kit, and tools.

Hayley and Brian have also created a website to make sure customers have all the information they need about a successful at-home dye job before getting started.

"The idea is to really create a world within hair, beauty, and fashion for people who are excited about expression," she said.

While fans will have to wait until next month to get their hands on the products, Hayley has sent some samples to a few famous friends - and received positive feedback.

"I got to send hair dye to Shirley (Manson) from Garbage," she added. "And Josh (Dun) of Twenty One Pilots takes the pink on the road and touches up himself. He'll write me randomly like, 'Man, it's so easy to use!'"