Hayley Kiyoko dedicated her MTV Video Music Award win to ''queer women of colour''.

The 'Girls Like Girls' hitmaker took home the Push Artist of the Year award at the ceremony on Monday (20.08.18) and in a snap interview after picking up the gong, she explained just who she wanted to honour with her award.

Speaking to Billboard after her win, she said: ''This validates any queer woman of colour that you can follow your dreams. VMGAYS! ... I don't call myself [Lesbian Jesus], but my fans LOVE it. They scream it, they throw bras at me, and I am just a vessel for their feelings and that is all that matters.''

Meanwhile, Hayley previously revealed Taylor Swift was ''so kind'' to her before their recent collaboration.

Talking about the time she joined Taylor stage in Foxborough, Massachusetts, earlier this month to perform 'Curious' during her 'Reputation' tour, she said: ''We rehearsed the choreo and she was like, 'Is this your first time playing a stadium?' And I was like 'Yeah! Definitely. This is not normal. You do know you are a superstar, right?' But it was incredible and she was so kind to me and she's so smart and it was an amazing experience.''

Taylor has previously heaped praise on Hayley for her ''brave'' coming out story.

The 'Delicate' hitmaker added: ''We should applaud artists who are brave enough to tell their honest romantic narrative through their art, and the fact is that I've never encountered homophobia and she has. It's her right to call out anyone who has double standards about gay vs straight love interests.''