Hayley Hasselhoff feels ''empowered'' when she wears lingerie.

The 25-year-old actress and model has stripped off and donned a string of skimpy underwear sets for a photoshoot with SLiNK magazine, and the star has admitted she was not fazed about not covering up because she felt confident in showing off her body and her ''flaws''.

Speaking to the publication, the 'Huge' star - who is the daughter of David Hasselhoff - said: ''Having our cover shoot be in lingerie was a very empowering moment for myself. During this shoot, I was empowered to wear lingerie and love all of my body's flaws in that moment.''

And Hayley has urged all women to ''love'' their appearance and do have a deeper appreciation for her body and its functions rather than just the exterior.

She said: ''We as women need to love our bodies for all that they give us, not only what they show.''

And though Hayley has encouraged women to embrace their body shape, she has admitted everyone has ''moments of doubt'' about what they look like, although she just wants people to ''rise above'' those negative thoughts''.

She added: ''We all have moments of doubt in our body but we must rise above and love our bodies for all that they are.

''There's an importance to having a magazine that sole purpose is centered around body confidence, fashion and curve.''

Meanwhile, Hayley believed the ''conception'' that plus-sized women are unfit is untrue, and she has hailed fellow curvy catwalk stars as the ''most toned and fit'' models.

Speaking previously, she said: ''People have this conception of plus size models as girls who aren't fit or don't work out or don't really take care of their bodies ... are probably the most toned and fit models you'll see on the runway because they're so body conscious.''