SCOTTY MCKNIGHT, the 23-year-old New York Jets star, is reportedly dating the American actress Hayden Panettiere, according to US Weekly. Wide receiver SCOTTY MCKNIGHT was drafted in 2011 having previously played for the University of Colorado.
One month after her split from the Ukrainian boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, a source confirms that Panettiere has begun dating MCKnight. Earlier this month, the 'Scream 4' actress was spotted with Scotty's team-mate Mark Sanchez, fuelling speculation they were an item. However, the actress immediately denied the reports, saying, "I'm a huge Jets fan and became very good friends with Mark and his buddies. I've always been that girl who has a lot of dude friends. I'm into sports so we have a lot in common". MCKnight and Sanchez have reportedly been friends since childhood, but it is not clear whether Mark introduced his team-mate to Hayden. The 'Heroes' star announced the end of her two-year relationship with Klitschko back in May 2011. The couple cited difficulties with the long-distance romance, with Panettiere saying, "Even though we've decided splitting up is best for both of us, we have an amazing amount of love and respect for each other and remain very close friends".
SCOTTY MCKNIGHT's reported new girlfriend is set to star in the forthcoming drama movie 'Carmel', with Josh Hutcherson and ALFRED MOLINA.