Heroes Star Hayden Panettiere has finally revealed ‘how it works’ with her super tall boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. Answering the question that she claims is the most asked, she has finally revealed details about her intimacies with her 6’6” Russian counterpart.
In her phone conversation to Ryan Seacrest on his ‘ On Air’ radio show, she discussed about how people deal with having to ask her questions about her intimate life, ‘It’s people who I know and they’re usually relatively prude and conservative and they get this flustered look on their face like, ‘I have to ask, how does it work?’’, to which Panettiere claims that her reply is always simply, ‘it just works!’. In regards to the fourteen-year age difference between the two, Panettiere further stated, ‘It was never a distinct choice in my head, but my best relationships have been with men much older than me-I have a lot more in common with them and in conversation with them.’
Hayden Panettiere has recently starred in the critically-praised fourth instalment of the Scream franchise. She has currently been seen in a new music video for I can do it Alone, from the soundtrack for the newly-animated movie Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil In 3D.