Heroes' actress Hayden Panettiere was refused entry to an LA club because she lacked any legal identification. Despite turning 21 on August 21st 2010, a doorman at the popular hotspot 'Villa' decided not to let the actress gain entry - the National Enquirer reports that Panettiere reacted angrily to being turned away, screaming "Are you kidding me? I come here all the time. Why is this an issue now?".
Panettiere is currently filming forthcoming horror movie 'Scream 4' with fellow actress Emma Roberts. The film is directed by Wes Craven, and Panettiere had much to say about the renowned horror director in a recent interview - she told Access Hollywood, "It is such a pleasure to work with him... you can feel the crew is at ease. They're able to have fun - it's not like twisting their arm to come to work. They actually really, really enjoy it, so it's been really fun thus far".
In 2009, the Heroes star began a relationship with professional boxer and current WBO, IBO, and IBF Heavyweight Champion of the World Wladimir Klitschko, and this year will see the release of her new film 'Carmel', a dramatic comedy directed by LAWRENCE ROECK.