Hayden Panettiere loves getting dolled up for 'Nashville'.

The 23-year-old actress says playing country music diva Juliette Barnes in the hit drama has given her the guts to experiment with a more glamorous hair and make-up look since she usually keeps things natural in her everyday life.

She revealed to People magazine: ''[I like the] more done-up, onstage looks, as they are so different from the way I put myself together in my everyday life.''

The petite star enjoys being able to flaunt two very different beauty looks depending on whether her catty character is relaxing at home or showing off on stage.

Hayden said: ''I love to dress up, and, with my character, get to have fun playing both sides.

''From her everyday look that's more in line with what the true Juliette Barnes is like behind closed doors - and then when she is onstage as the dolled-up 'Juliette Barnes, Country Music Star'.''

The blonde beauty recently told Women's Health magazine her best beauty tip to achieve a glowing complexion is applying a liberal amount of bronzer.

She explained: ''I put bronzer around my face and in my hairline. I also use it as eye shadow.

''It gives the perfect contour in the crease and under the lash line.''

Hayden has teamed up with 'Nashville' make-up artist Erin Koplow and Neutrogena to create step-by-step videos on how to get three of her character's memorable beauty looks, featured on the ABC website.