Hayden Panettiere doesn't want to ''rush'' her wedding plans.

The 24-year-old actress got engaged to her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko last October after an on/off five-year relationship, but she insists she's not in a hurry to tie the knot.

She said: ''We are very laid-back about the wedding plans; we don't want to rush anything. We want the day to be fun, happy and stress-free. Growing up, the thought of not getting married never crossed my mind. It was always: I'm going to get married and then I'm going to have a family.''

The 'Nashville' star met her beau through a mutual friend back in 2009, before splitting in 2011, and rekindling last year, but she admits it wasn't Wladimir's good looks that drew her to him.

She explained to April's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine: ''You could be the most beautiful man on the planet, but if you have nothing to back that up then there is nothing sexy about you.

''I've met guys and gone from, 'You're beautiful,' to, 'I could not be less attracted to you if I tried'. I want to be with somebody who opens my eyes to the world and helps me to become a better person in every way.

''Wladimir is not just a boxer; he's smart and caring. It's been a ride!''