Hayden Panettiere finds confident men ''sexy''.

The 'Nashville' star and NFL player Scotty McKnight recently called time on their relationship and Hayden opened up about what she is looking for in a new man.

She told Esquire magazine: ''It does crack me up sometimes when you see these huge, burly, muscular, 'I spend all my time in the gym' kind of dudes and they've got these little Chihuahuas. At the end of the day, it's the confidence in which you walk the little dog that is sexy. Walk it with pride.''

Hayden was nominated for a Golden Globe award on Thursday (13.12.12) for her work on 'Nashville'and the actress previously revealed she was left star struck when she attended the awards ceremony a few years ago.

She is a huge fan of 'Rock of Ages' star Tom Cruise and was thrilled when he gave her a hug at the Golden Globe Awards a few years ago.

She said: ''When I was on [TV show] 'Heroes', I was at the Golden Globe Awards and Tom Cruise, whom I'd never met before, got up out of his seat, turned to me and said, 'Hey Hayden'. He gave me a hug like I knew him and then he introduced me to his mom. I was so caught off guard.''