Hayden Panettiere has described the movie in which she plays convicted killer AMANDA KNOX as 'tasteful', despite protests from the family of Knox's victim.
HAYDEN PANETTIERE starred as the American student and convicted murderer AMANDA KNOX in the television movie 'Amanda Knox: Murder in Italy', which aired on the Lifetime network last night (21st January 2011), reports USA Today.Panettiere has been heavily criticised for taking on the role, but speaking on the Rachael Ray show this week the actress defended the movie, saying, "I genuinely, genuinely believe that this film and the way it's done, is done so tastefully and done in a manner that is so fact-driven". The 'Heroes' star also revealed that Knox wanted to meet her, but that she had to turn down the offer, saying, "In the beginning I wanted to meet her and she didn't want to meet me, and understandably. And then, all of a sudden she came back and said she wanted to meet me, and it didn't work out with the shooting schedule." Somewhat controversially, Panettiere spoke of the sympathy that she has for Knox, saying, "Guilty or innocent, I think what they did to her was and is horrible. I mean you look at the girl and they just made such an example out of her in my opinion".
It was reported that a gruesome murder sequence had to be cut from the movie shortly before broadcast after the family of MEREDITH KERCHER complained about the scene. Knox and her former boyfriend RAFFAELE SELLECITO were both convicted of murder for the killing of Kercher. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Sollecito got 25 years.