LATEST: Victory Records boss ANTONY BRUMMEL is countersuing pop/punk act Hawthorne Heights for breach of contract and libel. The Chicago, Illinois group filed suit against their record label earlier this summer (06), claiming Brummel and others came up with "illegal schemes and tactics" served to "line his and Victory's own pockets" at their expense. In the suit, Hawthorne Heights demanded the return of master recordings and the cancellation of all copyright agreements and punitive damages, as well as an injunction to prevent Brummel and his company from releasing or distributing their albums and DVDs. But now Brummel is fighting back and, in his countersuit, he states, "The case filed by the plaintiffs in this action is really about greed, despite the unfounded and spurious laundry list of allegations made concerning Victory Records. "The plaintiffs are now willing to say anything - no matter how untrue or defamatory - as a strategy designed to free themselves from their legal obligations to the independent record label that made them famous, in favor (sic) of the 'greener pastures' and financial inducements offered by so-called 'major' record distribution companies." Brummel states that Hawthorne Heights owe his label two more records, according to their contract. He is seeking a cease and desist order against Virgin Records, which is reportedly courting the band.