Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has one person to thank for the box office success of Michael Moore's controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - his beloved mother MIRIAM.

The Miramax head bought the distribution rights to the PALME D'OR-winning film after his parent company Disney allegedly banned him from releasing it.

Harvey and his brother BOB started up the FELLOWSHIP ADVENTURE GROUP specifically to distribute the film, which criticises American President GEORGE W BUSH's administration following the 11 September (01) terror attacks.

When Harvey told his mother the film wouldn't be released under Miramax - which was named in tribute to the brother's parents Miriam and MAX, she suggested her sons release the film on their wedding anniversary.

Harvey explains Miriam said, "Release it on 25 June (04), the date of my 54th wedding anniversary. It will be lucky."

Harvey says, "I did and it grossed $23.9 million (GBP13.2 million) in the opening weekend. So I called her up and she replied in her Yiddish accent, 'I told you.'"

Fahrenheit 9/11 has taken $39.1 million (GBP21.7 million) since it opened ten days ago (25JUN04).

05/07/2004 13:54