Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly offered $100,000 (GBP50,000) to the person who correctly identifies the real-life socialite who may have inspired the mean mom in Scarlett Johansson's new movie THE NANNY DIARIES. Weinstein is convinced authors Nicola Kraus and Emma MCLaughlin used a real person as the inspiration for the highly-strung mother in their bestseller, now played by Laura Linney in the film adaptation. But the movie producer's cash offer might be nothing more than a publicity stunt, because Kraus and MClaughlin insist they dreamed up the character, Mrs. X. Kraus tells Internet gossip columnist Marc Malkin, "It would be great to think there was just one a-hole on the Upper East Side." But MClaughlin adds, "It is not one person." Meanwhile, the co-authors admit they love Linney's performance as control freak Mrs. X. Kraus coos, "Laura Linney is such a gentle, kind person. But she would get that costume on and they would say, 'Action,' and just this rage would come vibrating from under her skin. Emma and I stayed far away from her. It was scary."