Harvey Weinstein wants to take actor pal Woody Harrelson to the Super Bowl on Sunday (03Feb08) as a good luck charm - after he helped the mogul's favourite team qualify for the big game. The pair watched the National Football Conference championship game between Weinstein's beloved New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers together on 20 January (08), and Weinstein claims the Giants only turned the game around in their favour after Harrelson started supporting them. Now he wants the former Cheers star to cheer for the Giants on Sunday, when his team takes on the undefeated New England Patriots in Arizona. He says, "When the game started, I realised Woody Harrelson was rooting for Green Bay. I offered him $500 to change his allegiance. He took the money and started cheering for the Giants. I'm hoping Woody will join me for the Super Bowl for good luck."