Movie moguls BOB and Harvey Weinstein are making a new thriller especially for MICKEY ROURKE - proving the former hellraiser is finally back in Hollywood's favour.

The 48-year-old star, who made his comeback in current graphic novel blockbuster Sin City, is thrilled with the offer, and is set to work with the brothers later this year (05).

He explains, "Bob and Harvey have got this new film together for me called KILL SHOT.

"I play a native American killer, and we start shooting the film in three months' time in Canada."

And Rourke, who was long considered a liability because of his drink and drug dependency and wild lifestyle, is grateful to be back on track.

He enthuses, "Baby, I tell you, having spent almost the last decade and a half sat on the bench with pieces of wood sticking out of my a*s, I feel so lucky to have been given a second chance."

31/05/2005 13:57