Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was once left facing arrest when he was caught smoking in an airplane bathroom, after he was encouraged to light up by supermodels Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista.
The Hollywood producer reveals he was tempted to sneak off to the bathroom to smoke onboard a flight after seeing his pals get away with it.
But when Weinstein tried it on his own, he got caught and threatened with arrest. He was later taken to court and fined for his illicit smoking.
He tells Newsweek, "One of my all-time classics happened when I took a plane to England and ran into Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista on the flight... They wanted to initiate me, as I was a two-pack-a-day smoker, into their habit of smoking in the bathroom on the plane. So, whenever one of them was there, I got away with it.
"But the one time I tried it myself, I got caught. I said to the attendant, 'When I smoked with Kate Moss, you never busted me,' and he replied with the magic words: 'You are no Kate Moss'. Could there be a truer statement? They nearly arrested me, and I had to go to court and pay a small fortune for my activities."