Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein put in a call to Simon Cowell before lampooning the British Tv star in new animated movie Escape From Planet Earth.

The film, about aliens trying to escape from humans, features adult jokes, spoofs and popular culture references, but Weinstein had to make sure those at the butt of the jokes would not be too offended.

He says, "We make fun of Simon Cowell. I called him because I was concerned he would sue us or something like that. He said 'Sue you? I want more of me in the film'".

Weinstein also approached the co-founders of technology giant Google, computer scientists Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were also happy to be referenced.

He adds, "We've spoofed everybody. The guys who own Google are my friends. When I talked to Sergey and Larry I said, 'Guys, I'm spoofing you with aliens inventing your technology'. And they said, 'It's true! We're just stupid front men.'"