Hart To Hart star Stefanie Powers felt like a "pariah" after the hit TV series came to an end - because network bosses turned their backs on her.
The glamorous actress played Jennifer Hart in the amateur sleuth series, which ran for a "hugely successful" five years on U.S. network ABC.
But despite the show ending on a high note, Powers insists she was abandoned as a has-been by TV bosses and is convinced the end of a hit show is often the end of its stars' careers.
She tells CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, "When you do a television series that's very successful and when it comes to an end, in spite of the fact that it may have come to a glorious end or that it was highly successful for everybody, including the network, you rarely work on that network for many, many years to come.
"It's as if you were a pariah suddenly. Seldom do you get re-employed quickly. I don't know if it's because people feel that the show somehow ended and therefore you were not bankable anymore. It's the calls that don't get returned. The realisation that, uh-oh, wait a minute, I lost my place in line."