Harry Styles, of One Direction clearly has a thing for the older ladies, however the latest fling to emerge may be one cougar too many. It has emerged, according to the Mirror, that the boy band member had an alleged fling after a show with a woman 14 years his senior.

Prior to his controversial relationship with Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack, Styles wooed married DJ LUCY HOROBIN after unashamedly flirting with the DJ during her radio show. The flirting resulted in a short-lived fling between the pair, lasting just a few weeks but almost wrecking Lucy's marriage.

A source close to the Manchester-based DJ has said; "Lucy was going through a rocky patch with her husband" and the two were "taking time out in their relationship".

The pair had previously met and exchanged words prior to the aforementioned show, but it was supposedly after this faithful radio appearance that the short-lived affair took place. They allegedly spent a night together at a hotel in Manchester where they were seen flirting, the source has also revealed.

His own father has recently come out to spill the beans on even more scandalous, sexual misadventures from the teen, including the time when he dated three girls at once and even got someone pregnant.