Harry Styles thought about quitting music when he got writer's block.

The 'Sign on the Times' singer admitted the early sessions for his debut solo LP didn't ''go so well'' but he knew straight away who he felt comfortable working with when he was able to pour out his personal feelings and inspirations.

He said: ''I'd done a couple of writing sessions and they hadn't gone so well and I got in this hole of 'I don't wanna make music any more' I just had this massive block, then went into a room with three guys I hadn't met before.

''You want to be honest when you're writing, but it's hard to sit in a room and talk about stuff that's happened and been honest about when you've made mistakes and stuff like that. When I felt comfortable with these guys straight away, that's when I knew who I want to make the album with.''

And the 23-year-old singer admitted it was an easy decision to go solo after One Direction went on hiatus because he is such an ''attention seeker''.

Speaking to his friend Nick Grimshaw on TV special 'Harry at the BBC', he said: ''I think I just love it so much, I love writing so much, I was at home and started writing so much so it was like, 'Well, might as well'. It was nice to take a break but I'm definitely a bit of an attention-seeker so...''

Harry made his movie debut in 'Dunkirk' earlier this year and though he enjoyed the experience, his music will always come first, though he hasn't ruled out doing more acting in the future.

Asked if he'd make another movie, he said: '' I love music so much so I don't think it would shift but if there was something I loved, then maybe, yeah..''