Harry Styles splashed out $2,000 on an ice cream truck for the cast and crew of his new TV show.

The 'Sign of the Times' singer is an executive producer on upcoming series 'Happy Together' - which centres around a pop heartthrob who moves in with a suburban couple - and to ensure everyone working on the programme stayed cool in the current Los Angeles heatwave, he hired a Coolhaus Ice Cream van to make ice cream sandwiches.

According to The Blast, among the treats the truck brought to the stage at the CBS Studio Center lot were ice cream in cookies and sweet cream, salted caramel, chocolate molten cake and dirty mint chip flavour, which were sandwiched in cookies in a variety of flavours, including coconut almond chip, ginger molasses, black & white whoopie, and chocolate chip.

A note pinned up at the lot for the truck read: ''Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great show tonight. Love always, Harry x (sic)''

Though it hasn't been confirmed how much Harry paid to furnish the likes of stars Amber Stevens West and Damon Wayans Jr. with their ice creams, it usually costs $1,000 an hour to rent the truck, and it stayed at the studios for two hours.

The generous star has previously splashed out on pizza and hot chocolate for fans queuing for hours outside his shows.

'Happy Together' is based on Harry's own life when he settled in with friend and mentor Ben Winston - who now works on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' - and his wife Meredith after his band's success on 'The X Factor' in the UK.

Felix Mallard, who plays the musician previously opened up about Harry's involvement in the programme, and said he's ''really keen''.

He explained: ''I got to chat with him when were first deciding to do the show and he's really excited. He's really keen.

''He knows that it's a story based on his life, and he gets to produce a TV show which is fantastic for his career. So I think he really, really does care.''