Harry Styles' homeless stalker told the court he only wanted the money Harry offered him.

The 25-year-old singer noticed the Spanish man - Pablo Tarazaga-Orero - sleeping rough close to his home since February.

He was found guilty of stalking Harry at Hendon Magistrates Court, but denied being obsessed or in love with the star.

When asked if he had stalked the star, Tarazaga-Orero said: ''That was never my intention. In the end I just wanted the money he offered me.''

Harry gave him money to get food or a hotel as he thought it was ''sad that someone so young was sleeping rough at a bus stop when it was cold''.

The star returned the next day with food but quickly chose to stop contact with Tarazaga-Orero, 26, because of his ''odd behaviour''.

The former One Direction singer told the court: ''He asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat,

''I told him I was on my way to work. I found it a little odd. His facial expression made me feel a little uneasy. It was like a smirk.

''Until that point, I never felt unsafe or uneasy in my own home.''

However, Harry continued to see Tarazaga-Orero ''incredibly often... almost every day''.

He told the court Tarazaga-Orero had posted change to the value of £49.95 through the star's letterbox in April 2019, followed him several times into a local pub, and stopped and asked for money while Harry was out running.

On Monday (21.10.19), Tarazaga-Orero avoided jail after his trial.

Instead, District Judge Nigel Dean ordered him not to go within 250m (820ft) of the star, his north London home or business addresses, or attend any concert or event where he is due to appear.

The homeless man was also barred from contacting the singer directly or indirectly, or posting about him on social media, while he was also given a 12-month community order and told to complete a 30-day rehabilitation requirement.

The judge added: ''You should be aware that failing to comply with a community order is a criminal offence and carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.''