Harry Styles is a huge Shania Twain fan.

The former One Direction star has revealed he takes inspiration from the 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' country singer when it comes to both music and fashion.

Harry told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain. Yeah, I think she's amazing.''

The 'Sign Of The Times' singer has previously spoken of how he inherited his love of music from his parents, and his mother was a big Shania fan.

He shared: ''I used to listen to a lot of my dad's music and my mum's music ...

''My dad was a big [fan of] The Beatles , Elvis Presley, [The Rolling ] Stones , Fleetwood Mac , that kinda stuff. I think if you grew up listening to that, a child can't not be influenced.

''And then my mum was crazy into Norah Jones and Shania Twain, so I have that side, too, which is fun.''

In the past, Harry has spoken about wanting to cover Shania's hit 'Still The One' with One Direction.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old has revealed how he favours deep, meaningful ballads - but Harry admitted he still enjoys having a bit of fun.

The dark-haired hunk said: ''I think my favourite songs [are the most personal ones] but my favourite way to listen to music is on my own, with my eyes closed for example, or not. If I'm driving, or operating machinery, I usually keep them open ...

''I think it's just as important to have songs that are fun and make you feel great, and I think that's just as important as everything being moody and deep and meaningful.''