Harry Styles set his bandmate Louis Tomlinson up with Eleanor Calder.

One Direction singer Louis has been dating Eleanor for a year and the pair have Harry - who has known Eleanor since his school days - to thank after he arranged for them to meet.

A source told Us Weekly: ''Harry knew they would hit it off -- she's totally Louis' type.

''They've had tough moments but Louis is a hardworking guy; he would never give up when things get difficult. He's also extremely loyal.

''They'll be together forever. You get that feeling being around them.''

Louis, 20, previously revealed he loves being with Eleanor because she is so ''easy-going''.

He explained: ''Without being too soppy, I'm incredibly happy with the way me and Eleanor are. The great thing about it is that when I started seeing her I was already in the band. It makes things easier in the respect she already knows now that's the way it is. She's very easy-going too, which is really important.

''I've never been [interested in sleeping around]. Even my mates at school would take the p**s out of me about it.''