Harry Styles was left ''numb'' at the end of shooting 'Dunkirk' because he'd had so many injuries.

The 23-year-old singer makes his movie debut in Christopher Nolan's new wartime epic and though he admits he damaged his wrist and saw ''stuff'' fall on his head during filming, he didn't think his aches and pains were serious enough to complain about in comparison to what others working on the project had happen to him.

Asked by Capital London Breakfast Show host Roman Kemp if he'd got injured on set, he said: ''There was a couple little ones. I was a little, like, numb by the end I think.

''I did something to my wrist but there was a couple times stuff would fall on my head and stuff. Like rip off the wall and fall on you and stuff like that.

''But you know, the stunt guys really went through it so it made me feel like I couldn't really complain about my wrist.''

The 'Sign of the Times' hitmaker also laughed off speculation his hand can be spotted in the teaser trailer for his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson's upcoming music video for 'Back To You'.

Asked if it's him, he said: ''Not that I know of. Unless someone borrowed it without my consent. No I don't believe so.''

Meanwhile, Harry recently insisted being submerged underwater in 'Dunkirk' was nothing compared to what the soldiers went through during World War II.

He said: ''Watching the film, it puts it in context what these guys might have actually gone through.

''It was so real. And it makes it very difficult to complain about what we might have gone through for a few hours.''

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