Harry Styles is reportedly ''keen'' to see Millie Brady again.

The One Direction star was seen with the young British model after the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday (20.02.13) and the pair want to meet up without it looking like a proper date.

Harry, 19, took Millie to the BBC Radio 1 studios where he was co-hosting the 'Breakfast Show' with friend Nick Grimshaw the morning after their heavy night.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Nothing actually happened between them that night - there were too many people about. But there was some pretty serious flirting going on.

''She accompanied Harry and Nick to Radio 1 to do their show. Harry gave her a tour of the studio but then Millie had to go to work.

''She is being very coy about it all but she has told friends she is going to see him again.''

The 'Little Things' hitmaker has apparently already started making plans with the model, with the insider adding they don't want it to be too obvious.

The source continued: ''She and Harry plan on meeting up at this weekend or next week. They are talking about hitting a few clubs.

''It's obvious they are keen to see each other again but they won't want it to look like a date.

''There will probably be a few people out so it looks casual, not just the two of them. But it is a date really because we know they'll make a beeline for each other.''