Harry Styles has great intuition which helps him work out people's intentions.

The 19-year-old One Direction star - who was spotted out with Kim Kardashian's half-sister, Kendall Jenner, last week - has the ability to work out who is genuine and who is attracted to his wealth and status almost instantly.

He told E! News: ''I think you just know. I think it's one of them things where you know if you meet someone who, you know, likes you just because it's you and not because you have stuff.''

Harry isn't struggling to cope with fame and thinks he will miss it when he is no longer in the limelight.

The pop heartthrob explained: ''I've got a really good family. I've got great friends around me. I think it's not that hard, if you can take a step back from it and kind of see [fame] for what it is, then you don't start believing in it.

''You just have to enjoy it because eventually there's going to be a day when, you know, when nobody wants to speak to you and then you go, 'Hey, I'm here!' ''

Harry co-wrote some of the tracks on One Direction's third studio album 'Midnight Memories' which was released on November 25, and he used his own personal experiences to inspire him.

The curly-haired star - who is joined in the band by Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson - explained: ''When you're writing songs, it's impossible to not draw on personal experiences, whether it be, you know, travelling or girls or anything.

''That's the amazing thing about music, there's a song for every emotion. Can you imagine a world with no music? It would suck.''