Harry Styles formed a secret friendship with Eagles star Glenn Frey before his death in 2016.

The 23-year-old star grew close to the American singer before he passed away aged 67 in January last year, and Harry even attended his memorial service in Los Angeles alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder and Don Henley.

Cameron Crowe, who interviewed Harry for Rolling Stone magazine, told The Sun newspaper: ''The first time I met him was for the memorial. He was really missing his friend.''

The extent of Harry's friendship with the star was never previously known, but he did pay tribute to the Eagles singer a day after his death.

In a post on Instagram, Harry wrote: ''Rest in love and peace, Mr Frey.''

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Harry is to have a week-long residency on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' in May.

The singer chatted to the CBS host in a FaceTime call posted on YouTube on Tuesday (25.04.17), explaining that he's heading to America and was looking for a temporary home.

Harry said: ''I'm coming to LA soon, and I need somewhere to stay.''

His showbiz pal replied: ''Sure, if you want to stay at mine, you're welcome.''

However, the 'Sign of the Times' musician was dissatisfied with the suggestion as he wanted to reside somewhere that felt more like ''home''.

Harry continued: ''Oh God no. No, no , no, no. I want to stay at the studio.

''I just want to stay somewhere that feels like home.''

James wasn't initially taken with the idea, but after putting in place a few house rules, he agreed to let Harry on the show.

In the clip, he said: ''Hang on. Are you saying you want to crash on 'The Late Late Show' coach, here, at the studio?

''Feels a bit weird to be honest.

''Fine, you're more than welcome to stay here for a week. But there are rules. No house guests.

''I think you know what I mean. Zero house guests. If you're crashing here, you have to work for it, you're going to have to pitch in.''