A fish and chip shop was paid £20,000 for Harry Styles to eat a bag of chips and hold a chicken outside the eatery as part of a new Gucci campaign.

The 24-year-old star was spotted outside a fish and chip shop in suburban St Albans whilst shooting images for the fashion brand, who reportedly splashed £20,000 in order to secure the remote location where Harry could indulge in the comfort food whilst promoting the menswear range.

According to Michele Sashoua, the co-founder of agency Fresh Locations - a company that finds suitable locations for private clients - even the most unsuspecting of places can be ''worthwhile'' for top brands to shoot a campaign in, and the cost can be anywhere from £1,500 to £20,000 depending on the celebrity involved.

She told the Guardian newspaper: ''It's got to be worthwhile to the owner.

''It is a lot of disruption, not only to the owners but also to their neighbours. A film shoot is not to be underestimated. It's a minimum of 30 people and 12 hours for an ad, and they will need the run of your house.''

The British singer has been sporting quirky suits designed by Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele for some time now, and it was rumoured Harry was working with the fashion brand in a promotional capacity for an unreleased tailoring campaign before the brand finally confirmed the collaboration on their Instagram page.

Gucci posted a polaroid showing Harry in what looks to be a checked dressing gown, as he stands outside the fish and chip shop whilst holding a chicken.

The caption for the photo read: ''An inside look on set: @harrystylesshooting the new #GucciTailoringcampaign. #AlessandroMichele (sic)''

Another picture showed just the top of Harry's famous locks underneath the shop sign, and was captioned: ''Looking behind the scenes on set: the new #GucciTailoring campaign, @harrystyles. #AlessandroMichele (sic)''