Harry Styles is Ed Sheeran's favourite One Direction singer.

While the singer/songwriter is close to the entire band after writing their single 'Little Things', Ed admitted Harry, 18, is his favourite.

He said: ''Harry is the one I'm closest to. I made friends with him before I know who the band was.''

Ed is also close to Harry's former girlfriend Taylor Swift but has ruled out a romantic relationship with her.

He told People magazine: ''We met by just being fans of each other and reaching out. Then we just started hanging out. We have the same kind of work ethic. But I don't know if I'm her type.''

However, the 'A Team' singer admitted he would love to date Emma Stone, who is currently in a relationship with Andrew Garfield.

He said: ''Emma Stone is my dream girl but she's all taken so I need to find someone else.''