Actor Harry Shearer once stole an Emmy Award - because he refused to be the only member of The Simpsons cast who hadn't taken home a prize.
The star, who provides the voices for Montgomery Burns and Ned Flanders in the cartoon series, is the sole member of the principal cast of six to never have been nominated for the prestigious TV award for his work on the long-running show.
But he is adamant he isn't a loser - because he took swiped the gong for Best Animation after receiving it on behalf of the show.
He says, "I stole it. It's somewhere in the attic now - the joy was in the stealing, not the having.
"Every year the show wins the award for best animation and the producers invite a cast member to the ceremony. You go up on stage and they hand you the statue. If you're going to get it engraved, you hand it back to them - but I walked out with mine!"