Funnyman Harry Shearer is getting serious in an effort to defend Mel Gibson, as the movie star faces ongoing criticism for an ill-advised, drunken rant against Jews. The Simpsons star insists he doesn't want to come across as a staunch defender of the Mad Max star following his controversial remarks - but he insists Gibson is one of the good guys in Hollywood. Shearer says, "In my slight dealings with him, I've found him more pleasant and less upsetting than certain persons on the other side of this discussion." Gibson has apologised for the anti-Semitic comments he made during a police arrest last month (28JUL06) and is now calling on Jewish leaders in Los Angeles to help him make amends. Shearer, who was also part of spoof rockers Spinal Tap, isn't the only Hollywood star to come to Gibson's defence - Jodie Foster and Patrick Swayze have also offered public support for the disgraced actor.