Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has rubbished reports she is building a palatial 15-bedroom house in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The multi-millionaire mother-of-three and her husband NEIL MURRAY sparked the rumours by purchasing the house next to their existing home and applying for planning permission to join the two properties.

Rowling writes, "I was deeply amused to read recent reports in UK newspapers that we have just applied for planning permission to create a 15-bedroom home.

"It's true that we have been doing building work on our house in Edinburgh, but as we are not setting up a hotel, we went for a slightly more moderate number of sleeping quarters.

"Divide 15 by three and you might find yourself a little closer to the truth."

Rowling has created a section on her website called the 'rubbish bin' in which she sets stories straight when rumours spiral out of control - the categories include 'toxic', 'pure garbage', 'mouldy', 'recycled' and 'starting to smell'.

31/03/2005 14:09