Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe struggles to find himself a girlfriend - because he bores women with his "chat up lines."
The 19-year-old actor admits girls often find him attractive at first, but are immediately put off when he opens his mouth - because he is no good at holding a conversation with pretty females.
He says, "I'm a terrible person to be a sex symbol. I'm no good at chatting people up. The lust thing generally stops when they meet me, because I'm not a particularly sexy person to talk to. I'm not good at chit-chat. I can't do pick-up lines."
And Radcliffe is convinced his one redeeming feature is his taste in music, but even that isn't enough to win over the ladies.
He adds, "I have cool taste in music, I think ex-girlfriends have told me that. But they are ex-girlfriends!"