Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has passed on the chance to party every night during his forthcoming stint on Broadway - he's taking his dad to New York as a chaperone.
Although just 18, Radcliffe owns two multi-million dollar apartments in Manhattan, giving him every opportunity to sample the Big Apple's famous nightlife, when he arrives to star in Equus in the Autumn (08).
But the actor would prefer to spend his time hanging out with his father Alan, who has helped steer him through his movie career.
And Radcliffe insists he enjoys his close bond with his dad: "My dad gave up his job to chaperone me on set. My dad has been with me every single day and I think it strengthened the relationship.
"I learned to talk to my dad in a situation that most teenagers wouldn't find themselves in. I remember it shocking me when I was around friends' houses, the way they would talk to their parents."