Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is thrilled to be a part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame - because his handprints are close to his hero, John Wayne. The teenager joined Potter co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in sinking his hands in the cement outside the Mann's Chinese theatre on Monday (09Jul07). And the young Brit admits he took time out to check out Wayne's prints nearby. Radcliffe says, "That was a big plus. I mean John Wayne is there, so that's pretty cool." The teenager reveals Wayne stars in his favourite movie moment: "It was obviously improvised. He walks out of a saloon... and he's walking through the square. He's quite young. "There are all these birds in the square and he walks in, and they all flutter away. He goes, 'Get out of my way, pigeon,' which is just fantastic. "To get my handprints next to that man is amazing."