Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has admitted he suffers from a brain disorder which effects his everyday life.
The teen actor has dyspraxia, a condition that leaves the star with coordination problems.
And he admits he turned to acting in a last bid to boost his confidence - after the condition broke down his self-esteem at school.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I was having a hard time at school in terms of being c**p at everything, with no discernible talent."
The star's mum was against the idea of her son becoming an actor, but finally agreed to let Radcliffe audition for a role in the BBC's adaptation of David Copperfield, which he won.
And playing the part helped Radcliffe push himself further, leading him to win the title role in the hugely successful wizard franchise at the age of 11 in 2001.
But despite triumphing over his condition, the 19-year-old still has to face some difficulties - especially tying his own shoe laces.
He adds, "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro not taken off?'"