Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is reluctant to shoot movies abroad because he gets so homesick. The 17-year-old refuses to follow in the footsteps of British actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Pierce Brosnan who have moved stateside, because he prefers life in London. He tells U.S. talk show host Larry King, "I don't think I could ever live anywhere but London, to be honest. I've lived there all my life. "And I mean, hey, you know, I could be saying this now and in 20 years I will have moved out here. but for now and the immediate future, I can't - I can't really see myself living anywhere else but England." Radcliffe also reveal his parents prefer him to work in Britain and were upset when he travelled to Los Angeles to film the first installment of the boy wizard franchise. He says, "I signed on for, I think, all of the films and they were all to be done in Los Angeles and my mum and dad were just like 'Well, we don't really want that to happen, because it would be too big a disruption of his life'. "But then it got changed to just two films and signing, and filming, in England."