Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was delighted to discover his favourite group was joining him for a taping of a late-night U.S. chat show. Radcliffe, who turns 18 on Monday (23Jul07), told show host Conan O'Brien that rockers Art Brut were the best band he'd watched at England's Reading Festival a couple of years ago. And the actor went out of his way to meet the British group. Art Brut's publicist Karen Ruttner tells website PitchforkMedia.com, "Just as we were sitting in the green room talking about how much we wanted to meet Harry Potter, some guy comes in and goes, `Hey, Daniel Radcliffe wants to come in and meet you guys.' "He's a big fan. Made 'em sign a copy of their CD and, after the photo, was like, 'Wow, I finally feel like I'm in a band!'"