A host of female celebrities including Harry Potter author Jk Rowling, Heather Mills McCARTNEY and model Twiggy have been invited to a women-only party at Buckingham Palace in London.

The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is holding the bash on 11 March (04) to honour "the excellence of women".

Two hundred female high-fliers from the worlds of film, music, sports, science and charity are expected to attend.

A royal spokesman says, "The Queen wanted to celebrate the excellence of women. She has been a working mother most of her adult life and thought this would be an appropriate way to celebrate women and recognise their achievements and contribution.

"It will be a day to pay tribute to women across a broad range who have achieved in all sorts of areas, many who have triumphed, often in the face of adversity."

04/02/2004 17:31