Veteran actors JENNY AGUTTER and RICHARD GRIFFITHS had to leap out of a window in a desperate attempt to get away from crowds of fans after Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

The 17-year-old actor has been starring in the controversial play EQUUS, in which he strips naked on stage, and has been besieged by female fans every night.

However, police were called to disperse a large crowd of fans in Rupert Street outside the theatre last night after the play's stars were caught inside.

Radcliffe was bundled into a car by security staff, but AGUTTER and GRIFFTHS were forced to climb out of a window to avoid the crowd.

Producer DAVID PUGH pointed out the obvious, saying: "Richard and Jenny had to get out through the side window by the box office on Rupert Street. You try to get RICHARD GRIFFITHS out of a back window. It was a bit touch and go."

Radcliffe has gained a huge fan following since starring in the HARRY POTTER movies from the age of 12.

However, the youngster has opted to steer as far away as possible in his latest role, having to strip naked for a ten-minute sex scene in the play. He also smokes, swears, and blinds horses with a hoof pick while playing the disturbed stable hand.

27/02/2007 16:16:01