LATEST: Harry Potter director Alfonso Cuaron is refusing to replace the franchise's teenage stars in the next film - despite producer David Heyman's concerns about them looking too old.

Cuaron - who helmed the third film in the franchise, HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN - is battling Heyman's belief that the adolescent actors need to be replaced before they outgrow their roles as the HOGWART school children.

Star Daniel Radcliffe is nearly 15, while his co-star Emma Watson is also 14 and Rupert Grint is now 15-years-old.

But the Mexican filmmaker insists, "It would be amazing to have the whole series with the same kids. Right now they're doing number four. There's only three more to go. I just hope they keep the same cast for the whole thing.

"So far, they're holding up very good, the way that they are ageing. I don't think Dan is going to get way much taller or suddenly grow another eye. Same with Emma, and Rupert is OK."

The teenage trio are already working on the fourth film HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, which is being directed by Four Weddings And A Funeral's Mike Newell.

26/05/2004 17:24