New Harry Potter director Mike Newell has scotched suggestions the fourth book THE GOBLET OF FIRE is too long to be adapted into a single movie.

The Four Weddings And A Funeral filmmaker says he intends to make only one film out of Jk Rowling's huge tome because the prospect of making a two-film extravaganza is "embarrassing".

Newell tells film website EMPIRE ONLINE, "As far as I'm concerned it's absolutely possible to do it in one. I think it would be slightly embarrassing to do it in two."

Newell - who is the third director to take the helm of the magical franchise following Chris Columbus and ALFONSO CUARON - also laid out his plans regarding the film's tone, insisting he will continue down the darker direction taken by PRISONER OF AZKABAN's Curan.

He says, "It's a classic paranoid thriller in a way. I've spent Christmas watching things like THE PARALLAX VIEW and The Insider and THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR.

"What you have is a story at the beginning of which the powers of evil have a plan, which is absolutely not revealed to your hero. The kid just wanders into another year at school, then this huge notion of the competition surprises him.

"But there is, of course, a malign intelligence which is manipulating things. And so he gets more and more suspicious until there is a shoot-out between him and the bad guy. That's a really good, strong thriller shape."

30/01/2004 16:58