Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has rejected the chance to write an episode of the new DR WHO sci-fi TV series - because she's too busy penning the boy wizard's next adventure.

Bosses at the BBC wanted the novelist to turn her hand to TV writing for the upcoming comeback of the cult British show - which will star GONE IN 60 SECONDS actor Christopher Ecclestone as the time-travelling protagonist.

But Rowling is still writing the sixth Harry Potter novel, which is due for release next Summer (05).

Dr Who writer RUSSELL T DAVIES says, "I asked JK Rowling if she would like to write an episode for the new series. But she told me she was amused by the suggestion but simply doesn't have the time.

"It was slightly disappointing to say the least."

The new 13-part series, costing $1.8 million (GBP1 million) an episode, will air in the UK from next year (05). Dr Who was first screened in Britain in 1963, but was cancelled 15 years ago.

04/05/2004 13:48