Millions of teenage boys around the world will be sobbing into their Harry Potter books after HERMIONE actress Emma Watson was spotted cosying up to her rugby player boyfriend this weekend.

The pretty 17-year-old HARRY POTTER star was seen enjoying lobster and champagne in the French Riviera with boyfriend TOM DUCKER, whom she met in their home town of Oxford, as the two stayed at the luxury Chateau de la Chevre d'Or in Eze, near Nice.

While the two sipped champagne in the Castel Plage restaurant, Emma was apparently taken by a piece of artwork by Italian artist Ben Vautier, which had the words "Je suis incognito ici, faites le savoir" (I'm incognito here, tell everybody) on it, offering the owner £15,000 in cash for the piece.

However, it wasn't for sale, so Emma posed for a photo instead.

Resturant owner Ali Abdelhafidh told the Daily Mail that the couple were a pleasure to have, saying: "They said they were having a wonderful holiday and did not leave until well after 2am. It was great to see a young couple so much in love but Emma had time for everyone else, too."

However, back home in England, Tom's father John told the paper that all is not as it seemed.

"They are just friends - don't read anything more into it than that. My wife and I have met Emma once or twice. She is a lovely young lady."

06/08/2007 10:24:20