Harry Potter AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was America's top movie for a second weekend, taking in $35.1 million (GBP19.5 million) to lift its 10-day total to $158.1 million (GBP87.8 million).

Shrek 2 held up well in its fourth weekend, slipping from second to third place with $24 million (GBP13.3 million), pushing its haul in North America to $354 million (GBP196.6 million). That made it the top-grossing animated movie ever, passing the $339.7 million (GBP188.7 million) gross of Finding Nemo.

Vin Diesel's sci-fi saga The Chronicles Of Riddick, the sequel to 2000's Pitch Black, debuted at number two with $24.6 million (GBP13.6 million).

Nicole Kidman's remake The Stepford Wives opened in fourth place with $22.2 million (GBP13.3 million), surpassing financial expectations.

Garfield: THE MOVIE, featuring the voice of Bill Murray as the beloved cat, premiered in fifth place with $21.7 million (GBP12 million).

15/06/2004 10:01